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    Advantages of free advice line or fax credit checking and consulting
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    Confirm the content of each credit research consignment
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    Contracts to pay deposits, credit information agencies provide credit research reports
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Official website of DAAI DETECTIVE CO.,LTD

Do you really know the private investigation agency? Many peoples are not familiar with this sector when they were seeking for and it always lead to disputation. The lack of transparency of private investigators is also an importante reason that makes people insecures. After the investigation, DAAI DETECTIVE CO. has constructed a global official website for the purposes of making people to get informations in a more multivariant and efficient way.


For the private investigation agency, there is a huge proportion of cases related to catching adultery, debt collections and finding peoples, especially the mass media prefers to underline the negative news about this sector, so it makes peoples have some certain kind of stereotype with private investigation. However, DAAI DETECTIVE CO. has keeped focusing on the improvement of public impression, apart from the construction of this global official website to open informations, we also focus on the employees' professionality and moral quality. In order to make sure every client can feel the professional and effective quality of service, every employee must passed the examination of investigation and legal knowledgement before they enter the agency.

In recent years with the raise of big data, DAAI DETECTIVE CO. realized that there is a large demand of the collection of evidence and legal advice. Therefore DAAI improved the training of the hired investigators and have hired a specialized lawyer's team to ensure that every client can get the best service in any case.

DAAI DETECTIVE CO. created the global official website to make the work of investigation agency become more transparent and convenient, especially DAAI DETECTIVE CO. is a time-honored agency that recognized by the goverment that can make clients rest assured for our services, so whether in case like catching adultery, commercial investigation, saving the marriage/relationship or assistance for devorcement, seeking help from investigation agency is your best choice.

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