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Assistance for Devorce Proceeding

It takes more than love and courage for a couple to walk down the aisle and step into marriage; sufficient trust is the quintessential element. Marriage is a lifelong matter, meaning you are committing the rest of your life to your other half. If you are unable to make yourself believe that this is the man/woman I can count my life on or believe that they can give you a happy life, it would be very hard to make up your mind to make the decision. Conventionally speaking, since you have chosen marriage, you have to be loyal to your spouse and share the sweetness and bitterness of life with them. However, when obstacles emerge and things get too difficult to handle, some people tend to have an affair as a way to evade problems and seek comfort.

Some people have two standards. They do things that they don’t want their spouses to do because they can always find a reason for themselves. On the other hand, there are people who are equal and they will never do things to their spouses that they don’t want to be done to. For this reason, when a relationship begins struggling, the person who is trying to repair it will only get devastated seeing the other having an affair. They think seeking comfort outside of marriage is not acceptable. However, to file a lawsuit against adultery and make the couple assumes responsibility and pay the price is a torturing journey that involves evidence collecting. The process usually has its toll on the innocent spouse, leaving them with scars that they cannot erase. An accusation of adultery is a means to make the cheating spouse realize their mistake and revenge on the adulterer; however, one must be fully aware of the impacts catching the adulterers on the bed can bring. If you choose Daai Detective, which is legally registered, to provide counseling, we will sit down with you and negotiate an acceptable range of handling, whether it will be a simple investigation or evidence collecting and catching the adulterers. This will avoid psychological trauma.

Upon discovering the existence of an affair, the innocent spouse will feel betrayed and try to sort things out by catching the adulterers on the bed to humiliate them and remind them of the shameful deeds they do. They want to make the cheating couple pay the price for their actions and the harms they do. However, lots of people are not fully prepared for the scenario where their cheating spouses try to protect their boy- or girlfriend when being caught on the bed, showing no regret or not having the slightest intention to express an apology. They will experience mental breakdowns and even if they succeed in collecting evidence, their scars will not heal anytime soon.

Most people think that the adulterers must be caught on the bed to produce the most convincing and crucial evidence. However, if you are not sure about how you will react when facing the scene in person, there are alternatives such as picking up used condoms or tissues that contain body fluids of the couple. At the professional Daai Detective, we will negotiate with our clients ahead of collecting evidence and catching the adulterers and adjust our plans according to our clients’ wishes lest the process leaves scars that are too deep.

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