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Assistance for Devorce Proceeding

In marriage, a woman must always be ready and prepared for the worst case scenario. Entering a marriage means being ready to accept the fact that your husband is going to have an affair anytime. A woman should also make a decision beforehand. Daai has been receiving letters inquiring the question of whether they should forgive their cheating spouses. We will tell you here that this is a question of life that deserves discreet contemplation and only you have the answer to it. We have no stance on deciding this issue for you because we are not involved in the marriage. The minutiae, the bitterness, and sweetness of the marriage can only be understood by the two of you. However, in my viewpoint, thought accepting the fact that your spouse is having an affair is rather heartbreaking, you still need to sally forth and make the decision. Forgiving does not necessarily mean that the marriage maintains the status quo; it can also mean divorcing or repairing the marriage together. Even if both sides agree to get back together to mend trust and the relationship, it can only be done on the promise that both people have let go of that wrongful deed. Divorcing is also a choice that requires you to forget about the past before moving on.

Affairs, emotional or corporal, can always lead to a battle in the marriage and the distortion of the family. However, after the shells and dust fall, people often choose to live their lives as before for the sake of reality. The seemingly peaceful scene is merely a façade covered with mines and what ensue are the side effects of the affair. Jealousy, suspicion, and the bad record are all seeds buried that might tear the hurt one apart and give birth to quarrels.

Women forget men out of kindness and choose not to argue out of leniency; however, this does not mean that women will forget. The details of the affair and the process of gathering evidence will be torturing them for the rest of their lives. A woman is of the persuasion that love changes a person. For that, in a marriage once poisoned with affairs, even a fractional change can trigger a woman’s heart and the man’s every movement is larded with suspicion, his every change is done for the mistress out there. The bad record renders everything the man does fishy and the reunited family becomes a purgatory. Albeit not divorcing arbitrarily is the right thing to do, women still need to change their mentality to carry on the marriage and life. The point we choose forgiveness is to make ourselves feel better and holding on to the affair only makes things worse. If you don’t want to break up with them, the best solution is to let bygones be bygones and bear them with absolute love.

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